Who are you?: I am the keeper of the Comika.

What is Comika?: Comika started out as a general place to collect different kinds of comics I was making. The gods of the internet (probably cats) will decide how the site will develope.

How often do you update?: Starting April I will be bringing out a new comic tuesdays and fridays (with the occasional update in between)

What's with the "bad/terrible portraits": These started out as 1 cent portraits I was doing on the street for fun with my flatmate "Thur". People were having so much fun with them that I wanted to offer it online as well.

I wanted a terrible portrait but only got a bad one: It can get confusing clicking through emails, trying to find out which portrait I havnt done yet. Sometimes I realize when Im done with one that it should have been a terrible one. My bad.

Can I use your comics on my site?: If it's mostly a non-profit website then go ahead, just make sure to leave a link to the source. Otherwise just write me a quick email and I will probably still allow you to use them.

Why are you so funny: When I was 8 I was hit by "funny lightning". It gave me brain damage. Now I can't stop laughing.

How much money have you made with Comika: Exactly 7$ (true)

I'm a girl, will you go out with me: I am currently seeing somebody, so be sure not to tell her about us.

I'm a guy, will you go out with me: Only if we wear matching rainbow spandex suits and go rollerblading together.

One of your comics really touched me, are we soul mates: Probably not, but maybe. I don't know you, but I'd like to get to know you.

What is the secret to life: The secret to life is chocolate.

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