It is time for you to join in and do something!

Be creative and join in on Comika's first challenge: to replicate any comic you find on this site in real life. Act it out in person and take pictures or use props, legos, dolls, clay, your pets, poop... anything.

Step 1: Pick any of the fine or terrible comics available on the site

Step 2: Recreate the comic in real life. Act it out yourself or use any other props or method youd like. Take pictures (or video) and turn it into a replica of your chosen comic. Feel free to edit it on your computer (adding speech bubbles or whatever)

Step 3: Send your replicated comic to I can touch up details if you have trouble getting your pictures in a comic order or something similar.

Step 4: Your part is done! I will upload your masterpiece right here to the site.

Bonus! If the task itself wasnt a reward and fun enough, I will send all those who take part a signed comic print of your choice! Free shipping and all! (If it looks like somebody just sent random pictures, then the fairies at Comika reserve the right not to send a print) Dont be shy, give it a try!

Here is my attempt at "Happy Fruit":

Made by "Yule" - (Link to original comic "Here")

Made by "Yule" - (Link to original comic "Here")

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